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Havana one day excursion from VaraderoVaradero

It’s the city where the honks of vintage Cadillacs mingle with salsa beats.

And where old men sit chomping cigars in peeling doorways. If there’s o

ne must-see in Cuba, it’s the capital, Havana. And on this trip, you’ll discover its best bits in one whirlwind day. After driving through scenic countryside, you’ll take a guided tour of its old and new districts. See the 16th century El Morro castle and harbour where gold-laden Spanish galleons docked on their way back from the New World.

Delve into the cobbled streets of Old Havana or ‘Habana Vieja’. This UNESCO World Heritage site is stacked with Baroque cathedrals, plazas and museums.

And see the imposing buildings of New Havana’s Revolution Square, where the giant bronze face of Che Guevara looms over the traffic. You’ll also get some time to explore on your own.

Browse a market for souvenirs or head for one of Ernest Hemingway’s favourite bars to sip on cocktails. An unforgettable day.


  • Location: Varadero
  • Exclusive/Collective: Collective
  • Guide language: English/Spanish or other language
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